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Gashtavar Sanat Tadbirgaran Farda Company

Gashtavar Sanat Tadbirgaran Farda Company, with more than a decade of experience for the board members in the field of supply and production of automotive parts, has officially started its activity in a professional way. The company has succeeded in overcoming many obstacles in its way as in its commercial and production way, it has gained a remarkable position in the industry of supplying and distributing high-quality car parts in the country as well as provides many services in this field.

The company intends to continue its manufacturing and development process, to supply the parts of domestically-made cars and foreign cars assembled inside the country which meet highest quality and international standards along with affordable prices.

Gashtavar Sanat Tadbirgaran Farda company, considering its production equipment including CNC machining line, research and design department of industrial parts, measurement and calibration unit along with enjoying over a decade of experience and technology in the field of production and supply of auto parts; has the required capability to build and produce all kinds of parts for passenger cars, diesel cars and tractors. Also, thanks to its design capabilities, the company has the capacity to design and manufacture all kinds of specialized jigs and fixtures for the production of car parts.
According to the history of cooperation between Gashtavar Sanat Tadbirgaran Farda company and prominent companies in the field of car production; the company has the ability to produce all kinds of water pumps, brake pumps and calipers, balancer sets as well as other sets for passenger and diesel cars and tractor. 

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