After-sales service
  • Parts replacement

As all products of the company have a product guarantee and warranty, if the parts get defects during the warranty period, they will be replaced with the approval of the relevant expert under the warranty conditions.

  • Guarantee period

All manufactured products include warranty services for a period of six months to one year since the date of production.

  • Out of guarantee items

In the following cases, the product is out of warranty (even during the warranty period) and fixing the defect under guarantee is not allowed:
● The product has been installed or handled by unauthorized repairmen.
● The product is damaged due to improper use by the customer.
● Damage caused by product transportation.
● External factors cause damage to the product.
● If the product has a problem within the first month of production and before use, the cost of transportation is the responsibility of our company and the cost of resending is not charged to the customer.
● Considering the product warranty, performing some services or replacing some parts of the product does not include the warranty and is done in a non-warranty manner. These items include defects that occur due to improper use or depreciation, or being decorative and consumable parts of the product.