Iranian-made car spare parts

As mentioned, auto parts manufacturing is recognized as an important job worldwide. In Iran, various brands are engaged in the production of Iranian car spare parts. The quality of the parts produced in these factories is different from each other and the goods produced in the factories are graded based on the quality.

Car engine parts include cylinders, cylinder head gaskets, water pumps, pistons, crankshafts, valves, spark plugs, timing belts, oil pumps, valves. Doors, car glass, fenders and handles are also among the parts related to the car body. Alternator, starter, wiring, horn, lights, relays and fans are among the electrical parts of the car.

Of course, other parts such as gearbox parts, parts related to chassis and consumable parts are also parts of Iranian-made car spare parts, and when buying, you should pay attention to their brand and quality.

Because currently there are many counterfeit and non-original goods in the country’s market. These counterfeit parts do not have the required quality, so the problems related to that parts may still exist even after replacement.

For this reason, experts and experienced mechanics always encourage people to buy original and high-quality spare parts. Now, if you don’t have the necessary expertise to distinguish the original part from the fake one, you need to buy from a store that is notorious and has a high reputation, such as Yadak Lux online store. In this case, you don’t need to hesitate when buying.